Archaeological dig
Photographer:Galway Corporation
Description:A photograph of five men involved in an archaeological dig that took place in Middle Street, Galway. The dig took place in Autumn, 1987. In the photograph, the men are unearthing the foundations of a late medieval house which is at the corner of Middle Street and Cross Street. The site is fenced off from the street. A van and two cars are parked on the street. Also on the street, there is a cement mixer and there are workers standing behind the cement mixer spreading the cement. It is outside a shop which has the words "Carpets Vinyls" on its left hand side and "Floor Tiles" on its right hand side. In the middle of the sign, the words "Joyce Jordan Ltd. Flooring Specialists" can be seen. There is an electricity pole with a street light attached to it. On the corner, there is a shop with the words "Curiosity Corner" over its door. It, and the building next to it has an arched doorway. There is a corrugated iron door next to this with a no parking sign in front of it. Next to this, there is an old building. The photograph was presented by Galway Corporation.