House in Inishmore
Collection:Mac Quilty
Description:A photograph of a house in Inishmore which is the largest of the Aran Island. The Aran Islands are off the west coast of Ireland. The photograph was taken in 1938. The house is a small house with a door and a chimney. There is writing or graffiti on the wall. Under a painting of a shamrock, there is a painting of a harp. Both of these are symbols of Ireland. Beneath the harp, the words "God Save Ireland" appear between quotation marks. This is the title of a song. On the right of this, the words "God Bless Eammon De Valera" can be seen. Eammon De Valera was President and Prime Minister or Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland. To the right of the door, the words "Come and Consult the Great Alchemist" can be read. Above the door, the words "Go mBeannuide Dia Eamonn De bhalera agus a comhluadar M. Mullin" in old Irish script. It is an Irish sentence which means "God bless Eammon De Valera and his company M. Mullin". M. Mullin is a name. There is a stone wall on the right. There is a dog lying in front of the house.