Glendalough Hotel
Collection:Blake Forster
Description:A photograph of a party of tourists standing outside Glendalough Hotel. They are about to set off for a lake known as Lough Inagh. There are several men and women in the picture. The men are wearing hats, and the women are wearing long dresses. Some of the men have beards. One man is holding a fishing net with a handle while two other men are holding fishing rods. One man is smoking a pipe. There is a horse and trap in the picture. A trap is a type of carriage. There is a man standing on the trap and he is holding a whip. On the right, there is a man sitting down. He is playing the uileann pipes, a musical instrument similar to the Scottish bagpipes, but played by applying pressure to the bags with the inside of the upper forearm. There is a boy standing nearby in his bare feet. The hotel has a large bay window. There is a chair in the front of the hotel, and there are trees in the background. The photograph was taken around 1865.