Fresco on the ceiling of the hall of Aurora
Description:A photograph of a fresco which was on the ceiling of one of the halls in Lawrencetown House, county Galway. There is text under the painting. The first line is in Germanic font and it reads "From a fresco on the Ceiling of the Hall of Aurora". It continues, At Lisreahan, Lawrencetown, Co. Galway, 1750,". The last line is smaller and reads "After the Aurora by Guide on the Ceiling of the Garden of the Pavilion of the". The remainder of the line cannot be read. The photograph depicts a classical charioteer, presumabley Aurora. The chariot is being pulled by two horses. There are women walking beside the chariot and there are two angels in the painting. This photograph formed part of the family album of the Lawrences of Lawrencetown in county Galway.