Photographer:Cross, H. B.
Description:A photograph of Kinvara in Galway county. There are sailboats, rowboats, and a motorboat docked near the town. There are steps leading from the water up to the road. On the side of the road closest to the water, there is a seat facing the water. There is an electricity pole beside this seat. There is a car parked on the road, and there is a row of houses on the opposite side of this road. The reflection of this row of houses can be seen on the water. There are trees beyond the row of houses. On the left of this row of houses, there is a shed with a large door, and a galvanized roof. Further left, there is a high wall. Behind this wall, there is a two-storey house surrounded by trees. There is a second car and a second seat on the right of the picture. There is a ring buoy on the left of the photograph. The photograph was taken around 1993.