Entrance to the fjord of Killary Harbour
Description:A photograph of the entrance to the fjord of Killary Harbour. The caption at the back of the picture reads "The magnificent scenery near the entrance to the fjord of Killary Harbour reflects the bedrock geology assembled over 400 million years ago. In the middle ground the scarp of the 'Salrock thrust' separates the younger Silurian sediments from older Ordovician rocks. Mweelrea, in the background, towers as a thick sequence of conglomerates, sandstones with some shales and volcanic ash - the fill of a basin which evolved adjacent to North America about 400 million years ago.". The ground in the foreground is very rocky. There are haystacks in two fields near the harbour. There are electricity poles traversing the landscape. There is a road close to the water's edge. There are houses and a church in the picture.