Group on a lawn
Description:A photograph of five women and four men on a lawn outside Clonbrock House. There is a man and a woman sitting on either side of the group. The man on the right has a beard. There is a tennis racket resting against his leg. There are three men reclining on the lawn. Two have beards. The other has a moustache, and he is holding a tennis racket. All of the men are wearing hats. One of the women is kneeling. She is holding a tennis racket. Behind her, there is a woman standing who is holding a newspaper. She is wearing a hat. On either side of her, there is a woman standing who is wearing an apron. The woman on the right, is holding a tray in one hand and a container in the other. All of the women are wearing long dresses. There are trees growing in the background. Clonbrock House is on the right, and there are shrubs growing in front of it.