House at Lisavally
Photographer:Welch, R.
Description:A photograph of a house at Lissavally (Vesey) in Tuam parish, county Galway. The owner of the house was moved from the congested village of Currashaun by a state agency known as the Congested Districts Board. The photograph was taken in 1914. In the picture
Copyright:there is a woman standing at the door. She is wearing a shawl and she is talking to a man who is standing to the right of the door. There is a second man sitting on the doorstep. He is wearing a cap. There is a dog lying on the ground nearby. On the right of the house, there is a man leading a horse that is pulling a cart. This man is wearing a hat. There is a bicycle leaning against the wall of the house. The photograph was taken in 1914.